Formula D Orlando – HGK Racing Team

On June 5-6 we went to Orlando Speedworld oval track to shoot Formula Drift round 3. Shooting Formula D is one of the best things I like to do. But to me this event had additional value – I come from Latvia, a tiny country in east europe with population of 2 million, and this year a Latvian driver Kristaps Blušs is participating in the Formula D PRO series as rookie. So obviously I was an instant fan of the team. And I wasn’t the only one. Many americans loved the team’s cars. Evil Empire / HGK Racing Team is not your average Formula D rookie team that join FD with dirty chopped up 1jz Nissan Silvia. They brought a full race spec e46 BMW with V8 with all the bells and whistles, as well as “Driftvette” – a full carbon-kevlar bodied Corvette, car for PRO2 driver Sergei Kabargin. And a huge fully-built 2 floor bus with trailer and tools in the rear part.
I will not go into general Formula D review, this time focusing on team HGK Motorsport. Bad luck is still chasing them, even though there is not such a thing in Formula D as bad luck, cause most of the teams have it every event. But it is round 3 and again the team couldn’t make it past Top32, this time it was judging in favor of Ryan Tuerck which some say is to be proclaimed 2015 champion. Still it was pleasure to shoot event and chill out and drink beer with Latvian team!