Formula Drift 2016 round 3 – Orlando

Formula Drift in Orlando is probably the most awaited event in Florida for me. It is the most action, the biggest clouds of smoke, lots of drama and 3 hot and exhausting days running around with photo equipment. Held in Orlando Speed World oval track for the second year, same configuration, I feel it is much nicer than the first Florida FD event that was held in Homestead Speedway 3 years ago. Formula Drift is the benchmark event for me – how much equipment can I carry and manage for 3 days. I have to mention that right before Formula Drift I flew back from Mexico, packed gear all night and didn’t sleep, leaving Miami around 6 AM and arriving in Orlando Speed World at 10 AM – right on time for media meeting. I was pretty dead so drinking Monster Energy drink the whole day was my survival. I did cheat a bit – my friends participating in PRO series got me an inside parking pass, which made things a lot easier not having to walk with equipment to the big public parking lot, also managing photo equipment in the trunk of my car made things much faster.
Last year at Formula Drift Orlando 2015 for security reasons (or lack of rails) we didn’t have shooting positions inside the speedway, which was very awkward to shoot with the short lenses I had. So this year I prepared lenses up to 500mm. On day two we had a nice surprise though – FD media opened shooting locations inside the speedway!
I am not going into recap of how qualification or battles went or comment on judging, there are many articles around already and you can see Orlando results and standings on Formula D website. I am happy that my Latvian friends from HGK Motorsport with Kristaps Blušs driving HGK Mast Motul Achilles BMW E46 finished in 2nd place and made it his first Formula Drift podium – it was historical and emotional moment!
Enjoy the photos

Author: @valtersboze