Street Legends 2016 by Bizspeed at PBIR

“Street Legends”, one of events organized by Bizspeed took place at Palm Beach International Raceway on August 19th having the proven ingredients of event – dragrace, drifting and carshow.
As usual this is somewhat of a low light benchmark event for me as photographer. This time I shot most of photos with manual lenses – 35mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.4, with just occasional AF 50mm 1.4 and AF 70-200mm shots. When cars are somewhat static I find it the way to go to pinpoint focus point and then adjust aperture for that extra DoF gap and the “cine” lenses I use feel natural.
My car battery died on the scene so I had to walk (as everyone else lol) to drift course and back and every time I went there the drift sessions ended and had ~ half hour break. So not many drift photos this time.