Formula Drift Irwindale – final round of 2016

“The House of Drift” at Irwindale Speedway traces back to beginning of Formula D series. I never attended any of Formula D events in California and this was the final round of 2016 series so I decided “now or never”. It was epic! Everyone came out to the event to push their cars over the limits. Track configuration was probably the toughest ever for the cars and drivers combining one 180 degree wall ride and another 270 degree wall ride. No surprise there were a lot of crashes and many of the cars blew their engines or drivetrains, cars broke down left and right and no one could predict the outcome of this event as three top drivers were after the championship title. This was really a “go hard or go home” event with tensions high. Sadly my favored Latvian team “HGK Motorsports” didn’t get past Top8 and season ended right there. Still it was amazing 3 days at the track. Top3 at this round – Matt Field, Dai Yoshihara, Ryan Tuerck. Champion of 2016 – Chris Forsberg.

For this event I had “upgraded” to a Sigma 100-300mm F4. While nice on specs it was still kinda mushy at F4 and low contrast with yellowish tint. As the finals are in complete darkness obviously it almost begs to do manual focus. Many night shots I did with prime f1.4 lenses focusing manually if I could get up close. I am really thinking of getting a Canon camera for night shots, maybe use canon-nex adapter with canon lenses on Sony during daytime and on Canon camera for night time. Sony really sucks at low light autofocus. Maybe A99 II will change things but I highly doubt it. Otherwise I am pretty happy with my pics considering I still don’t own a proper 70-200/f2.8 but it should be here soon for next season. Oh yes I am doing next season for sure 🙂

Enjoy the photos, feedback is welcome!

Article, photos: @valtersboze