Photos – Formula Drift 2017 – Round 1: Long Beach

Long awaited 2017 Formula D season is here and starts at Streets of Long Beach. This year I have committed to attend all rounds even in Canada as I am joining Juha Rintanen team for short video reviews and I am still shooting for Tune86. There is nothing like shooting motorsports especially Formula Drift, for a photographer these 2-3 days pass in a quick moment. I was sick from the windy winter time in Florida and California was even colder. Just before event my 300mm f2.8 lens arrived at my friends place in L.A. and I clearly see why other photographers carry around the heavy 300/400/500mm lenses instead of carrying 70-200 2.8 or similar zooms. Its a big difference, especially when I flip back to my photos from a year or two ago. Most photos taken either on Canon 6d + 300mm 2.8 or Sony + 85mm/f1.4 or 35mm/f1.4. Without rewinding results and battles, enjoy pics.